Introducing the GENUINES blog!

Hi world,

Like the title of this post suggests, I am starting a blog. This is my first blog and it is dedicated to lessons, discoveries and insights I have come across side hustling, regarding developing genuine relationships and creating a great consumer experience for your brand. I have never considered myself much of a writer and I never liked the concept of diaries or journals. However, I am realizing that documenting one’s individual progress can be a great thing.

Personally, I know I have spent a majority of my life trying to experiment with new mediums of creativity. Thinking outside the box makes people unique. It has helped me so much in both my personal and professional life.

To this day I am still drawn to creative activities but now I have grown more engaged in business ventures. That is why I have started this blog. I am at that point in my life where I am going to have so many new professional experiences and I want to record what I have learned in my world and share it with the greater world around me.

Everyone perceives concepts differently due to several factors, whether it be upbringing, nature or culture. These perceptions shape an individual’s world and therefore their brand and everything that comes with it (i.e. style, reception, communications, offerings, etc.). On this website, viewers get a look into my own creative style of self and professional branding and how I sell that. In contrast, in this blog readers will get insights on how to develop their own.

Just like I am constantly changing and evolving, so will this blog. I am very opinionated and open-minded so any thoughts might be recorded here. Anything ranging from how-tos to book reviews will be posted here.

I highly encourage people to start their own blogs and document their own experiences. Everyone has a voice and the great thing about how the world is evolving is that people have more of a platform to have their voices heard.

I also encourage any readers to interact with me. Let the worlds collide! 


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