Run With It: Top 2 Tips to Start your “Hobby” Business Side Hustle

“Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion” - Simon Sinek

It actually kills me to think that I spent so many years of my life aimed at repressing what I loved to do, and doing what I "should do" when in fact they were both one in the same. People constantly complain that they're unhappy. Why are they unhappy? More often than not, it's due to an overwhelming lack of self-awareness and compulsion to stick with the status quo.

Let me explain.

I started GENUINES, probably a month and a half ago (it's almost our two month anniversary - tear tear). Not many people know how this business was formed. It was literally formed while I was working a job I wasn't all too wild about, sitting down and having a colleague put me in my place and say "of course you can do things with art!"

Truth is, ever since I could hold a pencil, I loved to draw. I loved anything artistic whether that be sketching, photography, dance, drama - you name it and I loved it. I was passionate about it because I love to create.

Unfortunately, I was instructed that there was no money in that. There was no money out there for the creatives. Entrepreneurs, or as I liked to call them 10 years ago "inventors," artists and designers would all end up broke and alone.

Fast forward to now! >>

So I find myself 10 years later, starting a marketing and design business tailored to the creative and the up and coming brands with vision. I’m now dedicated to doing the things I love and I have never been more content! Here are a few things I have learned in my time as “hobbyist” entrepreneur:

1. If you're good at it and love it - there is always a way to make money off of it!

With the Internet, increased distribution channels, and a plethora of user created content platforms out there, it is growing increasingly difficult not to make money off of what you love. Think I'm crazy? I'm not.

We're currently living in a world where artists can go straight to their direct consumer on social media without having to go through the galleries - for free! We’re living in a world where you can design and create products - without having to generate and hold onto physical inventory! We’re living in a world where people that love clothes actually make money from blogging about them, instead of being under copious amounts of credit card debt for buying.

We’re even in a world where someone can become famous for lip syncing to music they had no hand in creating – what a time to be alive.

2. It is always a great time to start a business.

It's true. We are so so fortunate to be living at this time. There is a market for everything and distribution has never been easier! You no longer have to operate in the 9-5 sphere (and I wish most of you wouldn't - do you know what the traffic is like in Toronto at 5:30pm on a Tuesday?). You can operate/work in the 6-2am time zone. Work the night shift. If you insist on operating 9-5, there's always that option that it's 1pm somewhere else right?

You're no longer bound by where you are or what time it is. You are able to start and work at any time that works for you. 

Hobbies are great to have, but they're even better to have when you can generate an income from them. Why? Because that means that it can grow into something bigger. A business. A side hustle. That extra cash for a vacation. Another outlet. And ultimately - your newfound source of guilt-free happiness.

Work and hustle hard GENS, but make sure it's something you actually like doing. When the authenticity is there, success will follow.


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