S.M.A.C.K. (Social Marketers Awesome Content Kickstarter) #1 - The First Step

Welcome to the Social Marketers Awesome Content Kickstarter, also known as S.M.A.C.K.! Basically, this will be a multiple part blog series about all of the things you will need to create good social media content for your various platforms. Now that this introduction is settled, let's get into the post. 

The first step in any social media strategy is establish your goals (so basic I know). People will post just about anything on their social media platforms which is great! What marketers forget is, if they are not seeing the results that they wanted with their social platforms, it's because they didn't properly outline the goals and then work backwards with content in order to get there. 

You need to create goals for your social media, otherwise there’s no point in going on other than building awareness. Know what your company’s goals are and use those platforms as an extension of your brand’s goals.

A few goals could be:

  • Bring traffic to your site
  • Engage with or illicit opinions out of, your followers
  • Brand awareness
  • Sell
  • Showcase your work

Bring traffic to your site
Everyone wants to bring people back to the site. That’s where people find other services or products to purchase and where you ultimately make the most money (yay money!). Social can in fact bring people back to a website especially when done right and if the content is good. Make sure that what you’re posting on your social media is relevant to your website. If you’re posting pictures of cupcakes when you’re selling financial services, you won’t have people staying on your site for very long.

A few metrics to use in this instance are:

  • Number of unique visitors from various social media platforms to your website (track who’s coming from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.)
  • Number of click throughs to your site (for people to come to your site, they need to easily find out how to get there - two clicks or less)
  • Bounce Rate (how long are people staying? If they’re expecting cupcakes and you give them financial jargon, probably not very long)

Pro Tip: Generate Shareable Content! How do you get people to check out your stuff? Easy. Get other people to share it for you. No man is an island. You can put out a truly spectacular piece of content, but it’s kind of like that tree falling in the forest deal. If one person sees it and shares it with 10 people and those people share it with 10 people each, etc. etc. you have more brand awareness.

Engage or Illicit Opinions Out of Your Followers
I love this one. This is what social media is all about! Which landing page do you like better? Which design wins for this client? Who is motivated to start Monday morning? All of these are great questions to ask your followers. People love to connect and social media has made it easier than ever to educate, engage and interact with your audience. Follow count does not equal engagement, it equals presence. You need to actually have people engage with you in order to call it engagement.

A few metrics for this would include:

  • Number of comments. Comments are great, that means people care about you and your content long enough to actually participate in discussion and do more than hit a like button. Number of comments is great. Take a look at how many comments are left for you in relation to your followers.
  • Number of likes. Again, great way to test the engagement.
  • Number of shares - this is the biggest one and by far one of the most important ones. How does content go viral? PEOPLE SHARE IT!

Brand Awareness
This is a big one for most up and coming brands. You want people to know about your brand and social media has made it easier than ever to do just that. 13 year olds have well-known brands just because they can lip sing to a song on music.ly. What? That’s right. Artists, musicians, designers, writers are all in a pickle because of social media. Well you know what? It’s made it easier than ever to get noticed. I have people from Germany telling me to keep up with my designs and I didn’t have to spend a penny on getting it there.

The trick to brand awareness is:

  • Be prolific
  • Generate good content
  • Document the journey

I don’t know if selling should be your primary goal. It should definitely be one of your goals but keep it at the back of your mind. Provide value before you can sell. Always. It’s the Law of reciprocity. If you give something to someone, they’ll automatically want to give you something back. If you give great service, more often than not people will be inclined to give you a large tip. If you give people great content, people will give you their email addresses so later, you can sell. A few metrics when it comes to sales are:

  • Number of unique posts about your product/service (i.e. from consumers)
  • Conversion rate for people that purchase via email
  • Dollars per follower
  • Dollars per social clickthrough

Showcase Your Work 
Find groups and such that will appreciate it. Social media has made it easier than ever to find likeminded people.

Now, that was not an exhaustive list of goals, but you get the point. Establish what you want and then work backwards! That sums it up for the first step but stay tuned for S.M.A.C.K part 2!




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