S.M.A.C.K (Social Marketers Awesome Content Kickstarter) #2 - Developing the Content Strategy

Alright GENS! We’ve come up with the basics of social media content in the first post and now it’s time to dig a little deeper! How do we find out what to post on our social platforms? Easy! We do some good research through the magic of Social Listening! (Trust me, it sounds cooler than it is!)

Social Listening 

Haven’t you ever wanted to find out what’s important to your audience? It’s never been easier to do so! With social media, finding out what’s important to your audience is only a click away. This goes in building a product as well. Find out what’s important to your target so you can create content in order to further target them. There are so many blogs. forums, etc. out there. You really don’t have to look far to find what people are interested in. You can even look at the comments of a relevant YouTube video to get the gist. Do some research. Once you do that, it will be easier than ever to come up with a great content strategy!

Coming Up with a Content Strategy 
When coming up with a great content strategy, there are 3 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What content will you produce and how can you provide value?
  2. What platforms are you going to have?
  3. What are your business goals and what will best align with your goals?

So many questions, so little time. Start big and work your way in.

Look at your business model and goals and then take a look at what you can do to provide value to your followers.

If you’re a marketing design firm, you may offer aesthetic and informative value by offering tips and past work. This will ultimately drive education and engagement across the platforms. You don’t have to look far to find forums of struggling brands looking for the best way to market.

Great! You’ve settled on the types of content you want to provide. Take a look at how you can provide them on these platforms: 

Facebook: Articles, Facebook videos, Images, Polls, Infographics, Facebook Live Chats
Twitter: Tips, Twit Pics, Updates, Promo Codes, Promotion Clues, Quotes, 
Instagram: Images, Past Work, Designs, Infographics, Photographic Tips, Quotes and Real-Time Stories, Rants, Tutorials
Pinterest: Blogs, Infographics, Articles, Past Designs, Vision Boards
YouTube: Tutorials, Vlogs, Info-videos, Rants, Updates, News, etc.
LinkedIn: Blog Posts, Quotes, Statistics and Reports
Web Blog: Blog Posts, Forum Discussions
Snapchat: Documenting, Updates, Info Tutorials, Q&A hours - in real time

Only you know your business goals and I can’t help you with that. Finding out what will best align with those goals should be easier than ever now if you’ve done some research. Give it a go and see what happens. If you have any questions I’m here along the way so shoot me an email!

Happy Working GENs!


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