Spotlight on Branding: What it is and Why it's Important

What Up GENS!

I had some time today (okay, I made some time today) to talk about branding. Shocker! Yes, believe it or not branding is still such an abstract and obscure concept to some. So let’s break it down into easy and manageable terms.

What is branding?


A representation of a product or service. It’s the persona, look or image that a consumer has or receives of an offering. This can happen through advertising, thematic imagery and target market selection.

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Who has a brand?
Everyone! Whether you’re a business, an entrepreneur, a job seeker, a creative, a person who scrolls through Facebook all day… whatever – you have a brand. Why? Because you interact with the outside world and the work that you put out, how you present yourself or the way you engage with people is what defines your brand. 

Who should invest in branding?
Everyone! Everyone should really take the time and think of the image that they want to present. I’m not saying that people need to invest financially into their brand if they don’t need it, but they definitely need to look into investing time.

If you’re a business, take a hard look at the content, products and people that deal with your brand. If it doesn’t match what you think it is/what you want it to be, you might need to take some steps to rebrand or just move with the current. Period.

If you’re a job seeker, take a hard look at your resume. If you are looking for a job in a creative field and your resume is boring and bullet pointed, you are hurting the brand you want to portray. Similarly, if you’re looking for a job in tech and you don’t have an online portfolio to showcase you’re skills, you’re wasting your time because paper is useless in tech (you’d have better odds of sending a whiteboard resume to your prospective company of choice).

What’s your point?
Perception is everything. Take a look at how you want to be perceived versus how you’re actually being perceived and take steps to make sure that they align. I’ll be here along the way if you need help. 

As always, thanks for reading and stay genuine, 



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