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What is up GENS!

I always grew up thinking that you needed to dress for the job you want. This is true to a certain extent but there comes a point where you wonder “what’s the point?”

I’ve worked in a variety of mixed smart casual, business formal and uniform environments and although yes, a suit will make you look more boss, more often than not it may make you look more formal. Formalities are huge barriers to collaborating and doing business.

I think formalities and formal attire are a dying breed in business. Think about it, almost every startup fits the hoodie, jeans, “you do you” attire. Piercings and tattoos - things that would have gotten you fired 20 years ago is something so common.

I rock a solid v-neck, a ripped pair of jeans so you can see my tattoos and combat boots I use to kick a$$ in my day! Don’t get me wrong, every now and again I like to don on a blazer, maybe even a tie and attempt to pull off the Ellen Degeneres look. I just like the option. Thus, without further ado, here are the staples in my wardrobe that help me take on my crazy days.

1) Dark Wash/Black Skinny Jeans

You always need to start your wardrobe with a staple that you work the rest of your outfit around. Dark wash/black jeans are the easiest things to work around and will ultimately make you look great! Worst case scenario - you wear black on black and people think you look extra slim and/or artistic that day xD

2) V- Neck / Subtle Typography Crew Neck/ Subtle Print Tee

I love my v-necks. They look awesome, sleek, clean cut and edgey (pun intended on that one). You can never go wrong with a v-neck as they go with everything and they mean that you care about other things. Less interested in fashion and more interested in getting the job done! I also love subtle typography shirts - they act as motivators, add some colour to the outfit and also tell people you mean business. Lastly, I'm a sucker for print t-shirts, especially for subtle ones. Hand me out in a plaid pocket puncher and I'm stoked.

3) Combat boots and Fresh Kicks

If I haven’t mentioned it before - I love combat boots (or a solid pair of kicks). How do I love combat boots? Let me count the ways! But in all seriousness, they look boss and they make me feel like I’m ready to kick a$$ and “combat” my day. It’s basically a super stylish version of workboots and work boots are a precursor to work, which means I’m ready to hustle when I’m in them.

From there you can basically dress it up or down as you want. Going to a semi-casual/smart casual meeting, add a blazer or sports jacket. Running errands? Solid leather jacket or hoodie and a beanie. Add a button down overtop instead and roll up the sleeves, whatever you want. These are just a few of the items I wear in my day to help me tackle it. Hope that works out for you too GENS!

Happy Hustling!


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  • Norah

    Totally agree. I’m way more productive when I wear clothes I’m comfortable in. When I dress up for work I’m just counting the hours till I can go home and change into sweat pants. It makes me feel inauthentic.

  • Shahin

    This is actually pretty interesting. Who would’ve known this is the way to dress for business these days as opposed to the old boring suit and tie?

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