The Benefits to Having a Creative Space


Let me tell you, inspiration can strike from anywhere, but there needs to be room for follow through, or "a room" for follow through. What I mean is, sometimes you need an environment or place in which you can put that inspiration to action. You need a creative space. Design is critical in consumer experience so investing in a place to make a vision reality is important. 

The concept of having a creative space does not only apply to artistic fields. A creative space is a place where you can produce. Produce what? That is up to you. Your creative space is where you thrive and build on what you’re working on. It’s your job to make it your own.

Paint Brushes

Atmosphere is the biggest element in designing your creative space. Do what works for you. Sometimes even colour on the walls changes the way we work. In the end, creativity is what sets people apart. Here are just six benefits to setting up a place to be creative: 

  1. You are more productive. When you have an environment that is dedicated to pursuing some sort of action, you will be a lot more productive. There is less distraction and you are there to accomplish a task. You get work done in an office. You work out at the gym. You dance in your studio. Block off a space that has a purpose (i.e. writing, design, music) and your resulting work will be more purposeful.
  2. You will be more present in what you’re doing. People love to be multitaskers. So many of us are doing or thinking about a million things at once. However, this won`t always generate results. When you designate a time and a place for following through on an idea, you'll actually follow through on it, and the quality of the finished work will be better.
  3. You can let your imagination take over. When you`re in your space, you’re in your “zone”. You can experiment with freedom, and create whatever it is you are pursuing. It is the perfect place to construct some new ideas and build on them with no limits.
  4. It’s an escape. I am not alluding to the stereotypical image of the brooding artist that secludes themselves away. Still, it is nice to have a place to get away. If you have a place where you can be completely invested in what you’re doing, you forget all about life’s other problems, even if it’s just for a few hours. It can actually be quite stress-relieving.
  5. It adds structure to your schedule.  There are some people that like to have a place for everything and believe everything should be in its place. That mentality, however rigid, does provide a great deal of structure. I am not saying that your life should be overly structured, but blocking off some time to work in your space should increase creative output. 
  6. Setting it up is fun in itself. I have a little space where I do most of my creative projects. Now, in the past I have called it “the workshop”, “the studio” and my personal favourite, “The Bat Cave” – it’s fun! You can display some of your work, put up an idea or vision board, and really make it your own. That itself is a great creative exercise as well.  

For all of these reasons and more, the next project you work on should be creating and customizing a creative space to work on your more design oriented projects. If you do not have the luxury to designate an entire room, maybe designate a desk or a side of the room and build from there.


There is no doubt that everyone needs a place of their own – now’s your time to make one!


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