Why You Should be Using Pinterest and Why I will be Using Pinterest More in the Near Future

Ah, Pinterest - not just for middle-aged white women anymore!

I know I joke. In all honesty, I love Pinterest. It is basically a reflection of all of the things I don’t have but all of the things I want and I really do live vicariously through it. Every now and again I learn the best tricks on Pinterest, learn a great fact through an infographic and all in all just improve as a person.

Yes, social media can make you improve as a person - who knew?

I love Pinterest and would love nothing more than to harness the great and infinite vision board power of Pinterest. If I wasn’t such a workaholic, I could very well spend all day pinning things and have an epic board to show for my day. Trust me, I would feel accomplished - that’s how much I love Pinterest.


The sad truth is that I don’t use Pinterest as often as I should. I would love to use Pinterest more but I don’t ever pursue it. 

THAT ALL ENDS TODAY! Here are 3 sure-fire reasons why you should be using Pinterest and why I will soon be on it!

  1. Pinterest is one of the best platforms to sell on
    People go to Pinterest to see the things they like and what they want. If people like what you’re offering and the way it’s presented (artistically of course), there’s a huge chance for purchase and also if they pin it, all of their followers may purchase. People go to Pinterest to create their dream lives, vision boards, get inspiration for what they want. If they pin your content, clearly, what you’re offering is something they’d want or are inspired by. If you’re running an e-commerce business, Pinterest could be the easiest and not to mention one of the BEST ways to generate traffic to your site. Did I mention, it’s free?

  2. Pinterest is free
    Pinterest could be the easiest and not to mention one of the BEST ways to generate traffic to your site. Did I mention, it’s free? Facebook has become a pay to play platform and Twitter and Instagram have started leaning in that direction. Pinterest is completely free so capitalize on it while you can.

  3. Pinterest is the best platform for any commerce business focused on aesthetics
    If you’re in design, photography, travel, art, fashion, makeup, crafting or anything remotely similar - you need to be on Pinterest - end of story.

  4. DIY is huge on Pinterest
    If you’re looking to grow your brand and social audience through tutorials and how-tos, it’s definitely one of the best platforms to do so. Provide value before you can get value. Give away some complimentary advice or lessons and then grow and audience. It will eventually come back and generate some great value for you. Even if it doesn’t right away, you’ve generated a loyal following and that will always generate results for you ten-fold. Remember, branding is what the public thinks of you, not what you want them to think of you.


Thus concludes my little Pinterest rant. Time to stop talking about it and time to start doing! Late GENS, catch me on Pinterest!

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